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ANYÉL: planting musical seeds
All children have an innate sense of playfulness, responding naturally to musical sound and rhythm. With their own voices as instruments, they make a personal connection with music which creates an enjoyment and love of music Anyel Music Programthat will last a lifetime. Early music education enhances the development of: Creativity, Vocabulary/language, Memory, Large and small motor skills, and Social adeptness (cooperation and sharing).

And for that reason, ANYÉL, escuela de música, A.C. (nonprofit school of music), dedicates itself to providing high-quality, early childhood musical education free to the children of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. They offer teacher training workshops and on-going employment opportunities in the field of music, free of charge. ANYÉL tries to instill the belief that everyone is a musical being, and that music matters in every life.

To make this program accessible to hundreds of San Miguel children, teachers must first be recruited and trained. Teacher training classes are free to members of the community who meet basic requirements. Upon completing their studies, teachers receive a salary to teach the program to small classes in preschools and kindergartens. With an increased number of teachers, the program will reach children in the rural areas surrounding San Miguel. As of print time, 523 lucky children are now receiving weekly music classes of about 15 students each.

Anyel Music ProgramTeachers also receive training to detect early signs of malnutrition, sight or hearing loss, lack of normal coordination, and other conditions that prevent children from learning—yet another function of the ANYÉL programs that have far-reaching benefits to the community.

If you would like to learn more or contribute to ANYÉL, they can be contacted at: Recreo #11, Box 354 San Miguel de Allende, Gto, 37700, Mexico or email or And please visit their website at

“What do I think of music? It’s fun and it makes me happy!” Guillermo, age five

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